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Update 19/03/2011: At approximately 0920hrs today Ms Julia Symons of Melbourne was wounded in an unfortunate accident while protesting against hunters engaged in a lawful duck hunt at Lake Buloke, 12km east of Donald in Victoria's west. 

The Game Management Council of Victoria understands that Ms Symons was wading waist deep in the lake down range of hunters and was hit by pellets when a hunter fired upon a low flying duck. What makes this especially concerning is that the entire accident could have been avoided had Ms Symons shown due regard for her own safety, and that of her friends, by restricting her protests to areas which are not in the direct firing line.

GAMECON VIC urges all persons - hunter and non-hunters alike - who wish to enter wetlands areas during duck hunts to ensure that their own safety is their first and foremost consideration.


Update 17/02/2011: The Victorian Government has announced a full length, full bag limit duck hunting season this year in response to the increased duck numbers and rainfall experienced over the past 12 months. The Game Management Council of Victoria fully supports this ecologically responsible action on the part of the Government and thanks them for their open minded and consultative approach to game management in Victoria.

The Game Management Council of Victoria urges all hunters and sporting shooters who have not already done so to complete their Waterfowl Identification Test as soon as possible so that they can participate in this season's hunt.

For details of the Waterfowl Identification Test please see the DSE Webite here: DSE 2011 Waterfowl Identification Test


Update 14/02/2011: Effective as of Saturday the 5th of February 2011 Bill Davey has stood down as Chairman of the Game Management Council of Victoria and will continue as a member of our organisation giving his input as an Associate Member.

We thank Bill for his passion and efforts over the last four months and look forward to continuing working together for the good of all our members. We are delighted to announce that Johan Jansen has taken up the post of Chairman once more and will continue to drive the GMCV forward throughout the next year.


GAMECON (Vic) is the peak hunting body representing organisations involved with field sports and related flora and fauna interests in Victoria. In an environment where governing bodies are whittling away at the opportunities for us to participate in the sports and pastimes that we hold dear we must defend our interests or they will be lost forever. GAMECON (Vic) is the avenue through which we can strike back against the vocal minorities.

Put simply, we aim to be one of the largest lobby groups that Victoria has ever seen, defending, promoting and developing your sport. GAMECON (Vic) will represent fishermen, deer hunters, dog breeders, duck hunters, skin divers, bow hunters, bush walkers, pest controllers, prospectors and the list goes on. But most importantly we are all standing together under one banner, supporting each others cause.

On our website you will find information regarding our activities in the community, media releases from GAMECON VIC, details about our organizational structure and information on how to become a member.



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